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Growth fueled by Alan Allman Associates
28 januari 2022

We are happy to announce that Digitalum reached a new milestone. Alan Allman Associates (AAA) has acquired a majority share in Digitalum. Consequently we’re becoming part of a group of consultancy agencies, all having specific expertise in digital transformation.

Diederik Bots, Digitalum CEO, commented: “This next step offers opportunities for further growth and international expansion. The eco-system of AAA acts as a business accelerator. As such we’ll be strengthened by the almost 20 companies in their group. We’ll continue our successful recipes, now in an international context. Equally important, we’ll be able to maintain our unique identity and family-like vibe.”

Also Serge Craeghs, CCO at Digitalum, sees opportunities and added: “We can now address our clients’ needs even more confidently with full-service solutions, whilst maintaining our familiar approach which we know is appreciated by our clients.”

Finally Tanja Schepmans, our Talent Crafter, shared her perspective: “I’m excited to explore the opportunities for our colleagues offered by the broader playing field that AAA brings.”

“We’ll continue our successful recipes, now in an international context”

– Diederik Bots, CEO Digitalum

From the AAA release notes (in French):

 L’opération prend la forme d’une acquisition par Alan Allman Associates, via sa filiale Alan Allman Associates Belgium, de 100% des actions de The Human Factory portant les activités de plusieurs sociétés couvrant toute la zone nord de la Belgique de part sa présence dans les régions de Bruxelles, Anvers, Gand et Hasselt. Cette acquisition devrait contribuer au renforcement de l’offre de l’Ecosystème autour du développement Java, de l’Internet des Objets (IoT), de la cybersécurité et de l’e-commerce haut de gamme.

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