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7 February 2023
Make your business the King with ChatGPT integration in SAP Commerce Cloud. Generate product descriptions and reduce costs while delivering an optimized cx.
14 July 2022
Huntsman Corporation is active in the B2B market and relies on SAP Commerce Cloud to grow its chemicals business. As their SAP Private Commerce Cloud (CCv1) platform would reach “end of life” status in less than a year, they urgently needed to upgrade / migrate to the newer SAP Public Commerce Cloud (CCv2) platform. Digitalum delivered the technical upgrade in a way that allows Huntsman to yield additional business benefits.
28 June 2022
When Signify acquired Cooper Lighting Solutions, Signify CEO Eric Rondolat articulated the ambition to “Provide customers with the highest level of service while optimizing operational efficiencies.” To deliver on this ambition with regards to the e-commerce portals powered by SAP Commerce, Digitalum experts were sourced to join the team at Signify.
4 May 2022
Market forces are changing the game. According to Adobe, only 33% of companies are ready for a third-party cookie free future. This will impact 60% of personalized experiences and is putting pressure on companies to act soon. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) tackles this challenge by forwarding cookies server side to third party solutions.
27 April 2022
In order to tackle customer’s concerns, Adobe has had hundreds of conversations with customers over the past years. As a result, Adobe is offering solutions like new features and robust implementations to meet the client’s needs. We’ll explore the 3 main obstacles in-depth along with Adobe’s solutions, so you can focus on creating carefree experiences.