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A team of Aces, Queens, Kings and Jokers

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Our Values

At Digitalum, we elevate customers and employees to the highest level of competence in e-commerce and CX. Our ambition is to build a team of Jokers who aspire being the true wildcard our customers can rely upon when all of their chips are on the table. We never forget to bring our smile to the workplace and keep a positive attitude, no matter what challenges we encounter.
Our values listed below provide guidance in our day to day work.

Customer is KING

You’re not doing this just for you. Our purpose is clear: We want to elevate local and international companies to new heights in e-commerce and customer experience.

  • The customer is not always right. We try to educate but accept his decisions.
  • We communicate in an open, transparent and clear manner. Always be respectful.
  • We honour our commitments. Be reliable.
  • Be truthful. We don’t beat around the bush.

Treat others as your QUEEN

You can’t do this alone. Together with our colleagues, business partners and customers, we are a team. And we’re in it for the long run.

  • Talk with people, not about people. We respect each other.
  • We show a genuine interest in others. We care for one another.
  • Always be prepared to help each other out. Better individuals create a better team!

Be an ACE

Whether we are playing sports, cards or running a pet detective business on the side; an Ace is as good as it gets. We strive to be an Ace in our professional workplace.

  • Be the best you can be and act like it: be confident. 
  • We always try to do better and have fun doing it.
  • We never give up. We lead by example.
  • We take initiative and stimulate others to do the same.

Don't be a JACK (ass)

You always get what you ask for. We treat others with respect and empathy, show up to be the best person we can be. That’s what we get paid for as well.


  • We own up to our mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. The actions afterwards define us.
  • We don’t make false promises. When we talk the talk, we better walk the walk.
  • Don’t always take credit for everything. Let others shine! They will shine light back on us.
  • Be truthful. Without truth, there is no trust.
  • Don’t be a crybaby. We accept and appreciate feedback.



These are the values we hold dear.  They make out the rules of the game we play together.

They set us apart as a team of Jokers and allow us to rise to the occasion, always.

R. Disney

“It’s not hard to make decisions,
once you know what your values are.”

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