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AEM Fast Track - 5 day course

Why AEM Fast Track?

To serve customers in a highly personalised manner, more brands are investing heavily in customer experience platforms.
By continuously enriching the customer profile and leveraging highly automated and integrated solutions, they bring the most relevant service or product to the customer via their preferred channels. Since skilled resources are key to deliver these highly personalised experiences at optimal TCO and time to market, we decided to translate our own expertise into and offered as a full-fledged training.

As experts in Adobe Experience Cloud, Digitalum launched the Digitalum Academy with an AEM Fast Track course.
During this 5 day course we will introduce Java developers to the backend of Adobe Experience Manager. Are your developers ready to improve their AEM skills or do you want to introduce them to the platform? This is your chance to get skilled AEM developers in your team!

Meet your trainer

Hi, I’m Johan Ruttens, Senior Solution Architect at Digitalum. I will take you along during 5 days of intensive training and hands-on practice within AEM.

Together we will cover a lot of ground with various topics such as a high level AEM overview, AEM tour, AEM architecture, developing in AEM, custom components in AEM, OSGi, Sling models, unit testing, basic dispatcher configurations and much more!

Target audience

This course is aimed at developers with a medium to senior Java background. No prior knowledge of AEM is required.


19/09/2022 - 23/09/2022
14/11/2022 - 18/11/2022


Flanders - Belgium.

Central location based on the location of participants.


Laptop with wifi connectivity, Java SDK 11, Maven minimum v. 3.8.x, Git client, Docker & Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE