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Adobe’s platform approach for delivering personalization at scale

Adobe’s platform approach for delivering personalization at scale

Market forces are changing the game. According to Adobe, only 33% of companies are ready for a third-party cookie free future. This will impact 60% of personalized experiences and is putting pressure on companies to act soon. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) tackles this challenge by forwarding cookies server side to third party solutions.
4 May 2022

In addition, companies face the usual technological problems such as dealing with a spaghetti of point solutions (email, web analytics, content management, call centers, social media, customer data platform, digital advertising), resulting in fractured customer data over numerous technologies and touchpoints. They need a single unified platform that can streamline their entire enterprise architecture. This is exactly why Adobe Experience Platform was engineered starting in 2019.

How is AEP delivering personalization at scale?

AEP enables you to build a deeper understanding of the customer across multiple touchpoints. This data is then used to deliver personalized and impactful experiences to said customer across every touchpoint. To make each experience better than the last, the platform is continuously learning and optimizing.

Over the past 3 years, AEP has shaken up the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) and has truly become the backbone of many of the AEC solutions. It creates new value for existing solutions like Analytics, Campaign, Target and Audience Manager where the real-time and unified profile aspects of AEP add significant value to these solutions.

How to use AEP?

AEP provides composable building blocks that can be put together in creative ways and which have enabled Adobe to create three new vertical applications.

  • First, with Adobe Real-Time CDP you can distill experience data to rich customer profiles and segments, leading to actionable unified profiles.

  • Second, with journey optimizer you can orchestrate customer journeys across web, mobile and other channels which in turn enriches profiles in a closed loop fashion.

  • Third, with Customer Journey Analytics you can measure and analyze these journeys as they unfold. Adobe has focused on third party integrations to enable you to activate these profiles and use them in your application of choice without having to create your own integration. Although the integration landscape is wide, AEP now comes with over hundred+ integrations out of the box.

Tip: If your application is not amongst them, there are the new source and destination SDKs to build your own connector. Contact Digitalum to discuss your needs.


Adobe created a strong response to the need for personalized experiences whilst operating in a world that is banning third party cookies. It is well positioned to tackle grievances and now all solution in the Adobe Experience Marketing Cloud feel well connected.

Written by
Bart Wulteputte
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