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SAP Commerce Cloud Patch Extension

Let’s face it: the standard SAP CC Patches are cumbersome to set up and use. “I love the case sensitivity and strict file-naming rules”, said no developer ever. And the same goes for the presence of certain import configuration files necessary to run patches.

That’s why we developed our own Digitalum extension to simplify the configuration of patches. Our Patch Extension removes the overhead of Java development and supports Groovy scripting. What a relief!

Working with our Patch Extension is much easier

  1. No more writing extra Java configuration with every patch release.
  2. No strict rules in naming patch files.
  3. Making a change in a patch? Then it will be automatically run again in the event of a system update.
  4. There are several configuration options for enabling the reusable Patch functionality and preselecting and hiding Patches in various scenarios.
  5. Certain Patches can be excluded via configuration.
Time Saving: Easy patch configuration and outroll.
Additional support: for running other scripts like, GroovyScripts
Focus; on making patches instead of Java development to make the patches work.

Want to get rid of the cumbersome SAP CC Patches method?