Digital technology marketing
Digitalum is able to strategise and build a strong technological foundation, using tools such as Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target as well as SAP’s Marketing Cloud, SAP Emarsys, and more. Looking at your business needs, we help you get the most out of the technology and build your marketing strategy. Once your platform is set up our content authors can help take care of the rest.

Highlighted Case

We helped Jaga turn their business model into an online success.

Digital marketing services


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Why Digitalum

A team of experts with more than 85% senior profiles

Project Delivery & Staffing

Our senior specialists look after all the essential activities to deliver projects and communicate proactively to ensure a solid result. We offer multiple solutions working from our office, near-shore or physically in your team. Our experts have experience at both SME and corporate businesses to blend into your organisation immediately.

We ensure customer autonomy​

After we deliver your project we'll make sure you can stand on your own two feet. Don't worry though, if you need us we'll be there for you.​

Strategy, technology & execution

We bridge the gaps with a truly cross-functional team. Strategy backed up with technical skills. We promise what’s achievable and aim to be understandable to all stakeholders.

Unbeatable TCO

Let's talk about your business

Working in long-term partnerships

How we work


We believe in long term partnerships and focus on relieving our customers throughout and after every project.

Customer centric

We focus on what moves your customer, designing solutions from their perspective.


Working in iterations allows us to focus on priorities and meet evolving expectations.