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Digitalum focuses on Customer Experience and ecommerce projects. We never wanted to commit ourselves to 1 product or solution or to specific sectors. The strength of our employees (besides the necessary technical knowledge) is precisely the experience they gain in these different aspects.

Are you someone who believes it’s important to not only stay technically informed, but also want to learn other aspects of online customer experience? Do you want to know more about the huge, but sometimes small, differences in B2B, B2C or B2B2C? Then Digitalum might be something for you!

As Digitalum, we see ourselves as the wildcard for our customers. They always say “if you talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk”. That is why we are strongly committed to the training of our consultants. Specific courses, major international events or summits or small-scale general in-house courses are part of our “commitment to excellence”.

Fun at work is one of the aspects that we always pay the necessary attention to at Digitalum. After work drinks, billiards table, ski trips, ping-pong, family day, Sinterklaas party etc. are often annually recurring traditions.

Expertise and fun are two important pillars within Digitalum, but our values ​​may be even more important. We always strive for a professional relationship with our customers and we will always pursue the following values: Can-do and no-bullshit attitude, pragmatic and always professional and polite. We do beat around the bush, share our opinion and do everything we can to help the customer move forward.

Do you recognize yourself in these values?


What are do we offer
Our consultants

Challenging projects
Large international clients in our portfolio take care of the challenges in your job.
Training, congresses & international summits are our annual investments in your career.
Fun, fun, fun
All kinds of activities with colleagues and / or family are part of the Digitalum DNA.
Team of experts
Everyone is capable in their job. Not 1 person who has to do it all, but 1 team that can handle everything together.
Above market rate
Our wages belong to the top segment in the market. With numerous fringe benefits on top.
Group, hospitalization, disability and additional insurances take care of you and your family
Annual bonus
Every year we pay a bonus to our employees, based on predetermined objectives.
We are committed to keeping the fleet as green as possible without sacrificing quality.
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YOUNG & HIP?Use our Social links
You are also able to reach us through our social media channels.