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Inspiring architects with roofs that shape the future
2 November 2020

Firestone, a global leader in rubber polymer technology and innovation is mostly known for the production of tyres. But they are also a leading manufacturer of rubber-based roofing systems. EPDM roofing membrane is one of their flagship products: sustainable and exceptionally flexible and durable, it defines a whole new standard in architecture.

With the support of Duke & Grace as experience design partner, Digitalum built Form5, an inspirational online platform with editorial content dedicated to architects, to build top-of-mind awareness and educate on the benefits of EPDM.

The challenge

To inform and inspire architects, engineers and building professionals about the unique qualities and benefits of EPDM, Firestone decided to take on a different, more effective approach to inspire their target audience other than advertising.

Architects and construction engineers typically work with materials they know well. These choices and habits are often country- or region-specific. Firestone wanted a fit for purpose platform to raise awareness around the benefits and possibilities of EPDM.

From a technical point of view, development had to be aligned and integrated with the global IT team and infrastructure. The platform had to be scalable for a global reach and very easy to use and extend. It also had to be ready to launch in a couple of months. Challenge accepted!

The result : Form5

Form5 is a web platform with in-depth, editorial content created for architects who are looking for relevant inspiration and information. Based on a fresh and modern design in combination with an elaborate marketing plan by Duke & Grace, the team at Digitalum implemented a visually attractive content and assets based platform to showcase the qualities and possibilities of EPDM. The key challenges of modern architecture (sustainability, design freedom and active rooftops) are linked with the core benefits of EPDM.

Form5 refers to the roof as a 5th facade of a building, in addition to the 4 walls. Nowadays, the roof serves different functional purposes: a green roof, a roof delivering solar energy, and more. Sharp design and smooth UX were an important part of creating Form5

“To launch our first adobe website, it was very important to choose the right partner. The people at Digitalum have extensive knowledge of AEM but more importantly the drive to bring a project to a successful conclusion, no matter what obstacles arise.”

Stijn Meeuwissen
Firestone Building Products

On top of Adobe Experience Cloud

Digitalum built Form5 using Adobe Experience Manager, enabling Firestone to build top-of-mind awareness and educate on the benefits of EPDM, delivering an experience that is tailored tot the device used to access the information. In combination with an integrated Adobe Analytics module, the target audience experience and engagement can be monitored and improved in real-time and at global scale.

In a highly agile team setting, Digitalum was in charge of the functional and technical analysis, the solution architecture and development activities, which translated the design by Duke & Grace into a working solution.

Because the development of Form5 had been expedited prior to the development of the Firestone Building Products EMEA website, most of the required shared templates were not yet available. But the team at Digitalum pushed their expertise to the limit and successfully pulled it off to deliver a very user friendly and flexible solution.

The result? A new and attractive website for Firestone to display their product ánd a happy customer. As the platform is getting discovered by architects and building-enthusiasts, we can’t wait to see the popularity of RubberGard EPDM go through the roof.

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* Form5 product images and animations kindly provided by Duke & Grace

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