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SAP Upscale: key features for marketers

SAP Upscale Commerce is the newest addition to the SAP Customer Experience platform. Capitalizing on the early excitement after its announcement in late 2018, it is now publicly available.
2 June 2021

Building off the knowledge SAP gained in building their Commerce Cloud, SAP Upscale Commerce is designed to be a robust e-commerce selling engine enabling a quick launch of any direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel.

Why SAP Upscale Commerce?

With new levels of customer expectations in terms of digital experiences, in virtually every business, a fast time-to-market when setting up an ecommerce engine is key.

SAP Upscale Commerce is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides the ability to create a production-ready shopping experience in days.
That is, if you are willing to stick with sensible defaults and out-of-the-box components.

Tip: Businesses that require more features or specific tailoring of the user experience can still opt for additional custom components and tailored development. Book time with an expert

Nevertheless, robust out-of-the-box features of SAP Upscale Commerce such as the code free experience builder and AI-driven order fulfilment, can already do the heavy lifting and enable a fast time to market with delivery in mere days instead of weeks or months.

In this blog, we’ll share an overview of the key benefits of SAP Upscale Commerce for D2C marketers.

Code free experience builder

With SAP Upscale Commerce, building mobile experiences becomes a breeze. The experience builder contains several so-called “starter stores”, such as ‘Commerce’ or ‘Endless aisle’, to get you up and running fast. These starter stores generate all mandatory pages, emails and components associated with the desired functionality. Especially the creation of emails is powerful, since it also covers less conventional flows such as payment refunds, order cancellation and returns.

You can also easily create site navigation by intuitively combining multiple common navigational components such as categories, search functionality, language selector or just external links.

Another great feature of the experience builder is the set of intelligent components that you can seamlessly add to your pages. The ‘Tailored Categories’ component, for example, contains recommended categories based on your customer’s shopping behaviour.

Easily build the UI for your storefront

Mobile-first storefronts

SAP Upscale Commerce features a mobile-first approach that enables functionalities such as swiping, pinching, and zooming. A progressive web app (PWA) keeps customers engaged by leveraging a device’s native capabilities and features.

Traditional checkout experiences on mobile can be a hassle. A customer must fill out a form, which was probably designed for a desktop experience, and grind his way through multiple pages in the checkout process, leading to cart abandonment. This makes the one-tap buy feature one of the most appealing in the mobile-first segment. It uses pre-configured payment options (or digital wallets) and addresses stored on your mobile device to checkout, which significantly reduces complexity and effort to drive conversion and reduce cart abandonment.


Mobigram is a tool that allows marketers to gain knowledge of product- and category performance. It creates a visual and digestible representation on parameters such as exposure, margin, profit, returns, inventory level, etc. Consequently, inspiring intelligent decisions to eliminate the guessing. The built-in algorithm can do the work, or you can opt for manual optimizations. For example, you could increase exposure on the homepage for high stock or high margin products.

Mobigram in SAP Upscale Commerce

Data driven personalized storefront

Personalization is critical to create shopping experiences that keep your customers engaged and turn them into returning buyers. Traditional personalization, based on previous purchases and other historical data isn’t always accurate. Buying behaviour is based on intent and mindset (or say context). For example, what if I’m not buying for myself?

SAP Upscale Commerce uses an ‘in the moment’ strategy when it comes to personalization, so that an experience is tailored to the context in which one is shopping. This has an advantage over traditional personalization strategies. Customers will not only be able to see personalized recommendations, but the exposure of product and categories on the shop can be unique for each individual shopping session.

‘Tailored set’ and ‘Next sell’ components take this to the next level. SAP Upscale Commerce intelligently selects products that are a not only a great match for your customer, but also adhere to the optimization of revenue. It’s a great feature that balances customer centricity and revenue optimization.

Continuity selling

Continuity selling, in the most basic sense, allows customers to buy a certain set of products on a recurring basis to increase your customer lifetime value.

Setting up a continuity program in SAP Upscale Commerce starts with the selection of products and a recurrence pattern. It’s extremely flexible in the configuration of these patterns and rewards. You could reward the customer with a relative or absolute discount. Additionally you could incentivize with an increased discount if consumers choose for a weekly over a monthly subscription.

What makes this capability stand out is that you can entice your customers in multiple ways. For example, you can reward customers with free shipping on every third purchase, include a sample or little gift on fifth purchase and include a ten percent discount on every tenth purchase.

Configure multiple purchases

Content management

SAP Upscale Commerce’s includes the ability to manage content. You can create engaging content such as articles, carousels and storybooks. A storybook is a configurable way of combining content such as products, categories, articles, images, or dynamic data-driven components into a single component.

An integration with Facebook’s marketplace allows you to distribute your products with the touch of a button. Integrations with other social media platforms will follow soon.

Add content to your storybook


SAP Upscale Commerce allows marketers to build and manage customer experiences without having to write a single line of code. The built-in data driven capabilities allow for automated revenue optimization and personalized experiences whilst having full flexibility, if desired.

The continuity program and content management system are a great way to interact with your customers.

We believe that SAP Upscale Commerce is an ideal candidate for brands and retailers to expand into the D2C market in a short period of time without making compromises in the long run.

To learn more or get a live demo, Digitalum is ready to engage.

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Written by
Tom Martens
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