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Product descriptions with ChatGPT in SAP Commerce Cloud, boost your productivity

Make your business the King with ChatGPT integration in SAP Commerce Cloud. Generate product descriptions and reduce costs while delivering an optimized cx.
7 February 2023

Creating product marketing descriptions for e-commerce is a tough and tedious task for many manufacturers and retailers.

A good writing pen is essential to create attractive descriptions of your products or services and companies struggle with finding the right words to effectively convey the important features and benefits to potential customers. The result is often too generic, uninspiring, or simply incorrect descriptions.

Let see if it’s time for ChatGPT to raise the stakes and enter SAP Commerce Cloud

This typically leads to 2 major problems

loss of potential conversion
increase cost of description

Loss of potential conversion (in sales)

Increasing resource costs for optimizing the descriptions

ChatGPT supports e-commerce?

There’s a lot going on about ChatGPT now  Before we deep dive, let’s introduce ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI. It is a variation of the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model to generate natural language text in a wide variety of formats. From coding to poetry. The model has been trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet, and it can generate human-like text in response to conversational use-cases. It can also be adapted for specific domains, such as finance, healthcare, or e-commerce, making it a great tool for our use-case.

Let’s reshuffle the cards and the process.

Imagine the ability to generate  product descriptions with AI, only using the name and technical specifications of a product. We can reduce the need for in depth knowledge & time in research and allow for a shift in responsibilities for the content teams.



With ChatGPT, instead of having to write the descriptions themselves, the team can simply generate them and moderate the outcome, streamlining efficiencies and reducing costs. Think of ChatGPT as the wildcard in your hand, always ready to play its part in boosting your business success! With the ability to understand customer experience levels and target market, your product descriptions will always be acing! Let’s illustrate that now with an example.


Connect GPT-3 with SAP Commerce Cloud

The first thing to do is to integrate ChatGPT’s APIs in the SAP Commerce back-office. By doing so, we can allow the user to generate the products descriptions from inside SAP Commerce’s back-office itself – reducing the number of interfaces and applications for the user.

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How to use it?

When clicking on the ChatGPT logo – all information about the product, including name and technical attributes are taken and send to ChatGPT to generate a compelling product description and translate it into all the expected languages. In our example, our target languages are English, Dutch and French.

The integration will automatically save the correct descriptions in the corresponding fields on the product, allowing the product to be reviewed. After thorough review (which is still needed when using AI), the product descriptions can be tweaked or pushed to production as is.

Time to compare!

When a normal product description creation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours per product when a human needs to write product descriptions – one can create up to 16 descriptions in a day, not considering any translations.

Depending on the complexity, quality of data and other settings, ChatGPT can generate anywhere from 500 to 1.000 descriptions a day. This number can vary depending on the exact use-case. And even though the results still need to be reviewed, the output can be increased to around 50 descriptions a day, translations included. This is 3x the amount of normal output, without further optimizing the process

What about the cost?

The API usage cost for ChatGPT text-davinci-002 model is based on the number of tokens (words) generated per API call. As of September 2021, the cost is $0.75 per thousand tokens generated. For a product description of 200 words, the cost would be approximately (200 / 1.000) * $0.75 = $0.15.

Compared to the hourly rate of a product manager, this is significantly less. To finish off, it is perfectly possible to add ChatGPT into the workflow as an automated initial step, instead of a manual action from a user.

Scale up the results with further improvements

Our use-case was designed with simplicity in mind. One person is responsible for the entire product, end-to-end. Of course, this responsibility could be split over multiple people/workflows, along with an approval workflow.

Maximize the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your products! Different categories have specific USPs and important specifications. ChatGPT takes these into account and includes them in the product descriptions. For example, a lawn mower’s mowing bed width is crucial, while a drill’s RPM is the spotlight feature.

Personalize Your Approach with ChatGPT. Target specific customer segments by tailoring product descriptions based on language and tone. ChatGPT adapts its language for B2C customers and small-to-medium businesses, which is significantly different, alike giving you the power to reach your desired audience.

Eager to unleash the power of ChatGPT with SAP Commerce Cloud?  
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Written by
Niels Derison
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