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Label Translation Extension

Label Translation Extension

Need to translate your entire webshop? Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to adjust everything yourself. Take the translation of placeholders in web forms, labels, and button text. Typically, you have to adjust these in the source code; a no-go for marketers and webmasters. So you have to ask developers to change it for you. 

This costs more money and wastes significant time, as the modified code has to go through quality control and publication procedures again.

Using our SmartEdit Extension? Then webmasters and marketers can translate every part of the page themselves in SmartEdit. It’s safe, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. Your changes are immediately visible when you publish them, saving your company a lot of time, irritation and costs.

Using the Label Translation Extension is easy

  1. Open the page in the What You See Is What You Get area

  2. Select translation mode.

  3. Click on the part you want to translate.

  4. Enter your translated text and save it.

  5. In the code, your translation is automatically processed and reflected consistently across the site.

Cost-effective: you don’t need an expensive developer or IT professional.

Enter the translation in a single location, and it will be adjusted throughout the entire site.

Your turn around time drops from an average of 2 weeks to just 2 minutes.

Need to translate an entire multi-language site more quickly?

Book a 20-minute demo and discover how our

SmartEdit Label Translation extension

simplifies your work and saves up your time.