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sneek peek adobe journey optimiser

Sneak peek: Adobe Journey Optimizer

At Adobe Summit 2021, Adobe announced a new tool called Adobe Journey Optimizer. At the time of the announcement, this tool was still subject to beta testing, but we can already share some early insights from the summit.
11 May 2021

Why Adobe Journey Optimizer

It goes without saying that 2020 was a pivotal year, a year that redefined how companies engage with consumers. More than ever, the power is with the consumer. This consumer is more complex, and hence customer journeys are more complex. Consumers expect more and find it table-stakes now that all interactions they have with a brand, are connected across the journey.

“Just in time experiences” is no longer a buzz-word, rather it’s the new reality.

To address this new reality, Adobe journey optimizer is built with the promise to:

Orchestrate and personalise connected journeys across any app, device, screen, or channel.

How it works

To deliver on this promise, real-time data is key.  There’s a need for one system of customer data truth, beyond CRM data, also including offline and behavioural data.

Therefore, at the heart of the solution  is the Adobe experience platform (AEP) to integrate profiles, fusing live data from all sources across customer touchpoints. AEP has become the backbone of the Adobe Experience Cloud in terms of data management with a strong focus on first party data.

Traditionally a campaign starts with the definition of a segment based on profiles from a platform through some kind of segmentbuilder.

In this day ‘n age, the vision is to build a tool that enables delivering on the idea that if a segment has 1 million customers, then that’s the start of 1 million unique,to be personalised journeys. A journey goes beyond segments and beyond events.

On top of using real-time data, Adobe continues to work on artificial intelligence, integrating intelligent decisioning with predictive insights.


Adobe promises that Journey Optimizer will be open, meaning that messages can be sent to other vendors’ applications so that popular systems like Airship, Salesforce and others can be integrated too.

An appealing example that was given, is one of an amusement park. If an attraction’s waiting line is getting too long, a message can be triggered to unlock a badge for a free drink through the app of the park, but at the same time could also trigger a Slack message to inform the park’s staff to manage the crowd.

Experience cloud

One might be familiar with the Adobe Experience Cloud, with tools like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Campaign, and others.

Adobe recognises the need to blur the lines between those, and have it all in one workspace. Adobe Journey Optimizer will be built natively on Adobe EX Platform.

Conclusion and next steps

At the time of writing, Adobe Journey Optimizer is still a beta product, but has tremendous potential and we believe Adobe will have a huge first mover benefit.

The aimed go live is end of June 2020.

To already learn more and discuss how this could benefit your business, Digitalum is ready to engage. Let’s have a conversation as your license fee will depend on unique usage for your business.

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Written by
Peter Meeus
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