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When Signify acquired Cooper Lighting Solutions, Signify CEO Eric Rondolat articulated the ambition to “Provide customers with the highest level of service while optimizing operational efficiencies.” To deliver on this ambition with regards to the e-commerce portals powered by SAP Commerce, Digitalum experts were sourced to join the team at Signify.
28 June 2022

Project context

A first priority was the looming phase out of SAP Commerce Cloud version 1 (CCV1). Consequently, the underlying synchronous Order Management Module that was used, had to be migrated to an Asynchronous Order Management Module to integrate with the ERP system of record.

Secondly, the acquisition of Cooper Lighting and the envisioned integration of e-commerce portals used by the two brands, offered an opportunity to leverage benefits of scale merging codebases into a robust platform on SAP Commerce CCV2.

“Digitalum engages consultants with high levels of expertise. The cooperation is exemplary, but many of the challenges they address independently as well.”

Roy – Product Architect – Signify

Agile development

The challenge of having to integrate different portals each with unique characteristics, required an agile approach. In the context of working on multiple portals, the agile approach provided a great opportunity to leverage elements of one to pilot for the other.

Multiple development tracks were and are still happening on the same codebase, presenting the need for a strong focus on architecture.

Digitalum is proud having a role as technical lead too, working on code reviews, refinements and business requirement gathering to make this program a success.  

“Team members of Digitalum – both onshore and nearshore – perform well above the benchmark and are a joy to work with.”

Geert – Squad Lead – Signify

Business impact

The current e-commerce portals now have a shared codebase with unified libraries and objects, yet cater multiple business requirements to cope with (regional) market differences.

Already a substantial cost saving could be realised with a future-proof platform without customer value being sacrificed.

Versatile expertise of Digitalum

An organisation the size of Signify has an extensive architecture with commerce being a big part of that. Experienced SAP Commerce Cloud specialists at Digitalum are able to take multiple roles in complex projects, from architecture to development, and enjoy the challenge.

“The complexity presented by the global footprint of Signify with multiple development teams and an architecture with a multitude of systems make this an interesting and inspiring environment.”

Alexander Hoksbergen, E-commerce game changer – Digitalum

About Signify

With 6.9 billion € sales and 96+ million connected light points in 2021, Signify ( is the world leader in conventional lighting, LED and connected lighting for professional customers and consumers. By enhancing public spaces, workplaces, and homes, Signify makes people’s lives safer and comfortable; businesses and cities more energy efficient, productive and liveable; and the world more sustainable. Signify HQ is located in Eindhoven (NL) High Tech Campus.

More details on the acquisition of Cooper Lighting:

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