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New B2B e-commerce platform for Jaga online

Jaga, expert in designing and producing heating, cooling and ventilating devices, turned to Digitalum to help digitalize their way of working.
2 March 2021

Jaga’s brand-new B2B webshop is now online!

Jaga, expert in designing and producing heating, cooling and ventilating devices, turned to Digitalum in the beginning of last year to help digitalize their way of working. The experienced Digitalum team put together a business case to calculate efficiency gains  and even set up an on-site demo to showcase technical feasibility. Last summer the Digitalum game changers started developing and implementing a robust webshop using SAP Commerce Cloud. “We built an SAP e-commerce platform that met the customer’s requirements. Together with integration partner Canguru, we helped integrate this platform into the existing SAP ERP system” said Digitalum’s CEO Diederik Bots. “Now all the information in the ERP system is up-to-date at all times and Jaga can manage customer data whether they order online or through other channels.”

“Innovate or die”

Only 7 months later the brand-new e-commerce platform went live, offering multiple benefits for Jaga’s customers, since now for installers:

  • Their website experience improves
  • They have more and better up-to-date product information
  • They can order from any device and view their order history and status

Each product is assembled per order and then prepared for shipment. The processing of these orders still required manual interaction. Orders that were received by phone or digitally had to be passed on to the ERP system manually. With the new platform, this process is automated.

Employees are enabled to create extra time for value adding tasks. The processing of orders now involves less emails, calls and no more manual interaction. Consequently reducing errors and re-work significantly. The result being more value through a flexible and maintainable platform that is easy to manage and upgrade.

“With this platform installers are guided in placing their orders, which are processed faster and more efficiently. Therefore our sales staff can focus even more on maintaining customer relations. As we continue to strive for innovation, not only in our products but also in our way of working, we are very happy with this new step”, Jan Kriekels concludes. “Innovate or die,” referring to the title of his book.

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