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Adobe Summit 2022 took place. Time to look back and reflect on some announcements featuring new innovations in Adobe Experience cloud.
12 April 2022

It’s a wrap! The common thread across recent innovations is data, embodied in the aspiration to  “make the digital economy personal”.  Adobe intensifies this message as “Powerful digital experiences that can be personalized to millions in millions.” That sounds like a dazzling statement, but the numbers are dazzling too. With an expected $1 trillion consumer spending in the digital economy according to Adobe’s 2021 Digital Economy index, it’s time to rise up to the challenge.

To enable delivering personalization at scale, many announcements gravitated to Adobe’s real-time CDP, branded as the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). AEP is able to offer a complete picture of the customer to understand them and give them an experience that is contextually relevant and engaging.

In this article we’ll have a look at specific marketing automation tools and their recent increments.

“Future-proof experiences are powered by first party data

Adobe Journey optimizer

Adobe Journey optimizer was conceived with the claim that every interaction should inform and enhance the next one for a truly seamless, connected customer journey. Therefore, it’s built on AEP.

New innovations to Journey optimizer that were announced include:

  • Audience portal to build and enrich the right audiences.
  • Ad hoc message deliveries to send ad hoc communications to the right audience by sending an email, push notification, text, or in-app message.
  • Content experimentation to test multiple versions of creative that resonate best with audiences.
  • Real-time performance measurement to eliminate for brands having to wait until a campaign ends to understand performance.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is positioned as Adobe’s personalization engine. It allows brands to intelligently activate insights.

Now, through an integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Real-Time CDP, brands can:

  • Combine historical customer data with current behavior to personalize experiences. Think of a webpage that can refresh in real-time based on a call center interaction a customer is currently engaged in.

Present & Future

Adobe Campaign

Also the established Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS) product promises to leverage integrated customer profiles to orchestrate journeys. Furthermore ACS can be integrated with Adobe Target to offer customers with product recommendations for instance.

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The general expectation is that over time Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign will be consolidated in Adobe Journey optimizer.

Although we consider Adobe Journey Optimizer still in its infancy, we see the huge potential of the historical behavior data that can be leveraged and the capability to personalize when relevant and in real-time. The latter as journeys are now orchestrated through separate objects, rather than having a sequence of queries at a certain interval.  

Overall some great opportunities for business, AND for customers, cause future-proof experiences are powered by first party data. Lots of it!

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