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27 april 2020by Dylan Reniers

In today’s fast-moving digital landscape, it’s critical to get your digital experiences up and running quickly. Implementing a new web content management solution or redesigning your current web experience can be a lengthy and complex effort. The time required for design, development, and testing can delay your time to market, ultimately preventing you from delivering value to your customers. Get up to date on the best practices and tools needed to quickly launch your digital experiences.

3 take-away’s

  1. Understand how to adopt a parallel approach to design and build to accelerate your time to market.
  2. Leverage re-usability and reduce customization. This involves using the components and tools out of the box in AEM to reduce customization.
  3. Utilize a style system to reduce custom development effort

Ready to dive a little deeper in each of the 3 best practices?

Adopt a parallel approach to design and build

The challenge with building a customer experience / brand / commerce website is that they can become very lengthy and costly. A typical implementation timeline unfolds like this and should look familiar to most readers.

No rocket science but wow! A large amount of time goes to the development part, right? What are they doing? Surely we are not reinventing the wheel here, are we? The problem really is the disconnect between design and development. Let’s take another look at that process and see how it could be improved to move faster and develop less custom components.

In order to win precious time and reduce the amount of custom development significantly, we need to make sure the creative design and the development team are constantly aligned during design and development to make sure the use of Adobe Core Components is maximized. Should a standard component not completely fit the design specs, you can evaluate the trade-off between custom development versus using a standard Core Component.

Are you really going to make a difference for your customer with a custom developed component?

Then go for it. If not, maybe it’s more wise to save the effort and move on with a standard component. Using core components yields more advantages later as well during testing and upgrading so you can really cut that timeline and improve your time to market.

Leverage re-usability and reduce customization

Here are a few powerful solutions in Adobe’s platform to help your design & development teams significantly accelerate the launch of your website.

The specifically designed Adobe XD UI Toolkit is a wireframe tool for designers that maps to the Core Components used in AEM and guides designers to leverage OOTB component designs instead of custom elements.

AEM Core Components are production ready, open source components built by Adobe to help you get to market faster. They can be deployed immediately and reduce testing and validation time. They are also future proof for upgrades, web standards, etc. so you can be sure you use the most modern platform.

At the moment there are about 30 components that allow you to build various different experiences. In 80% of current projects, these components are reused over and over again, cross-vertical, to create unique experiences.

Demo 1

Like to see it in action? Check out this video (starting at 08:07) for a demo of how these components allow you to rapidly deploy a new AEM Site.

To further add to the speed of deployment, Adobe offers a style system that:

  • Is configurable to satisfy every style variation on existing components instead of creating new components for every style and
  • allows authors to theme a component based off of approved design standards.

This is really exciting stuff because:

  • There is no back end development needed
  • The components stay consistent and adhere to the standards
  • Designs can be extended and applied by authors

This approach greatly reduces the development and maintenance efforts while at the same time provides great flexibility to designers and authors to create different visual representations of a single component.

Demo 2

Like to see the style system in action? Check out this video (starting at 15:14) for a demo of how this style system allows you to create different variations of the same component.

In conclusion

If you want to outsmart your competitors with more speed and less cost to launch your new brand, commerce site or another digital customer experience channel, Adobe Experience Manager offers you:

  • Best practices for design and development to help you rapidly launch your digital properties.
  • Production-ready core components to save implementation time and reduce cost of ownership.
  • A unique style systems you can leverage to reduce custom development and increase design flexibility.

You can always reach out to Digitalum or another Adobe expert, should you require a local and experienced partner helping you apply these practices.


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